Thursday, April 21, 2011

prestigious...and eloquent. just a dirty old man with bloody cold hands.

One of the best poems I've found that connects with most of my life.

its super hard to die when your not scared.

bluebird in my heart,,,animation

best poem.

Robert Crumb discusses his brief encounter with Charles Bukowski.

a conversation with buk

Bukowski, his take on weed consumption, and how it slows you down.

its fun to learn a genius drunk talk about how weed kills your imagination. and strive.

bukowski gets violent and it's kinda scary.

just watch

mickey mouse the brainwasher.

kinda goofy

a beautiful observation of pure fire.

good song for the moment.

a clip from Barfly, with descent music.

appropriate for this.

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got to own it!

Search for barfly

rememorable moments in Barfly Charles Bukowski wrote staring Mickey Rourke.

this is another miraculous piece of art... people need to know the brilliance.

awesme read!!!

Great clip from "Factotum" with Matt dillon another Charles Bukowski inspired movie